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an immersive art installation that navigated the blurred lines between humanity and the digital realm. Hosted at The Museum of Human Achievement for a one-day pop-up exhibition, it invites visitors into a world where the boundaries of technology and human experience meet. This project was conceived and brought to life by a collective of Expanded Media artists, under the guidance of Kristin Lucas, with a focus on collaboration, experimentation, and the exploration of digital and physical media.





March 2024


The Museum of Human Achievement (MoHA)

Austin, Tx


The completion of this project would not have been possible without the guidance and leadership of 

Kristin Lucas

Jay-Roff Garcia




  • Alongside Juno Aldana; from conceptualization to execution: we both designed, fabricated, and displayed our installation, ensuring a flawless viewing experience for spectators.

  • We hand-crafted the sculpture ourselves, using scrap materials from broken projectors, cameras, CD's, anything we could find. Utilizing Austin Creative Reuse Center was crucial in this build. 

  • Both Juno & I also created digital footage that was displayed on an old CRT monitor, using a BrightSign Media Player. The 7 minutes of edited footage can be seen above.

  • The Audio was also a collaborative effort. We used Sona.Ai to create songs representing our vision for the exhibit, and we used Ableton Live to combine multiple tracks together to better represent our vision.  

  • Fabrication efforts included Drilling/Sawing, 3D visualization, Aerosol painting, and Wiring.

  • Softwares used for digital design and fabrication include Blender, Adobe Suite, and Instagram Reels Editor, and Final Cut Pro.

Welcome Projection

During Exhibit:

Beyond my role in creating the sculpture and video installation,

I also created:


I created the projection video at the entrance to greet and inform guests as they arrived!

I created the projection video at the entrance to greet and inform guests as they arrived!

Raw Footage:

Promotional Content

I created the a PR video that was used to promote the event, used on

The University of Texas at Austin's Art & Art History's official Instagram page.

CD Mementos

I individually handcrafted and burned all 50 CD's by hand. Creating the Artwork on Photoshop, printing them in the Art Lab, and cutting them to size to fit inside CD Jewel Cases. The audio included the dialogue from the monitors, audio from our monitors, and the Spatial Audio from the space. We handed them out to guests as they left the space, as a keepsake for our exhibit.

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